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DESIGNHEURE is an editor of decorative contemporary lighting. Our signed collections, which are simple, elegant and flexible, provide our customers with creative and innovative lighting solutions;   Characterized by a 100% French manufacturer, Designheure offers standard ranges with many colors visible in the catalog and available in stock. It proposes also a tailored offer reserved for professionals with their projects, allowing them to choose the colors and dimensions;

The spatial vision, perspectives and forms, the play of colors and materials, the path of textile wire, the modularity as well as the flexibility of implementation are the elements that determine our editorial line.
From the launch of each collection, Designheure is deploying systematically all versions of lamps, floor lamps, wall lights, suspensions, chandeliers, ceiling lights

Designheure is located in the center of Sete, the city of lights and artists, in a historic building of the XIX century that has been transformed to accommodate new offices, workshops, a warehouse and a showroom.

The adventure begins in November 2005, in southern France, Sète, city of light and artists. Two contractors design enthusiasts, a former legal officer of Danone and a former CFO of major groups, combine to create DesignHeure to give life to the ideas of Bernard Boucher, son of a Swiss watchmaker, now
designer of contemporary furniture and lamps. Together they turn an industrial projectora in an innovative and design light. Designheure becomes in the minds of all, synonymous with decorative projection.

A PHILOSOPHY "Our collection must reflect all creeds of DesignHeure directory : quality, aesthetics, ingenuity and creativity," says Benedict Collod, Director General in charge of brand development. DesignHeure features objects both useful but also generators of beauty, atmosphere, light, emotion ... Each of the products published is an object design and aesthetics as such.

The French production of all its collections allows the control of each piece. We carefully select the best manufacturers who can accompany us in terms of volume and quality.
We assemble 100% of our creations in our workshop ensuring high mastery of time and flexibility.


The tailored offer reserved for professionals allows them to create unique lighting perfectly integrated into the concept of your project;   Through our expertise of "projects" and a tailor-made offers, we guarantee the success of your most complex projects in a timely manner.
Finally, the modularity of our lightings, the freedom of lampshades placement and therefore the shape definition of chandeliers offer you a great deal of creativity.

To create its collections, the company relies on brilliant French designers, being often themselves architects.


Chic and quirky, the bow-tie appears both as masculine and feminine alike! It's the typical accessory “dandy”, the reflection of an elegant and daring look... with a touch of madness. Following this smart idea, Emmanuelle Legavre has created her new collection Couture for Designheure.This is her latest collection of lighting, a real blink of an eye at this essential fashion accessory. Stylish and staggered, the Couture collection dressesup all available space with elegant panache and shows us how the boundary between fashion and design is very often a myth.

vignette portrait kristian.jpgTHE LUXIOLE COLLECTION - Simple but large

A graduate of the Ecole d'Architecture de Toulouse.
The meeting, meteoric, with the pope Design Philippe Starck, with whom he worked for 5 years, it will make a diagonal between Architecture and Design.

His first bestseller is the table "Divine", whose only big pedestal foot skirted cast aluminum. It develops smart objects, colorful, talkative, unexpected and offbeat. All it does is changing as in fashion, because he loves ephemeral.
Its culture is the street. Here he picks his miscegenation, its nomadism.

Drafted by a white card at Via in 1991, he was elected designer of the year in 1992 and will feature several collections in the general editor Peter Studenmeyer Neotu founder of the gallery.

Kristian Gavoille likes to tell stories ...

hlanglaisvignette.jpg The celestial design - THE NOMADS CLOUDS

Widely praised for its decorative lighting projection, DesignHeure is now developing towards the creation and the reissue of pure contemporary lighting, offering a new key of uniqueness and functionality that are his signature: perspective, purity of form, harmony .... DesignHeure appealed to designers of talent, including former international architect Hervé Langlais, collaborator Paul Andreu.

The latter signs the cloud line, a new elegant design and clever
nomad lighting. The Cloud range, gives the feeling of floating in the air. Its lightness and adaptability make it the best seller of the new collection 2010. Modular almost indefinitely suspended ..., by 3, 6, forming a very theatrical luster, surface mounted in lamp, floor lamp ... everyone can adapt its light and its environment and make it his own.

laurent vignette.jpg The pure and useful design - DESKS LAMPS

Laurent Bailly joined in 2009 the team Designheure to provide expertise on the world of the hotel and its needs by signing the Empirical desk lamp.

raoul rabavignette.jpg The vintage design - THE REISSUES OF THE DESIGNER

In this year 2010, DesignHeure tributes to Raoul Raba and his creations a timeless modernity. DesignHeure republishes
in a Limited edition three most outstanding creations of the 70s.
- Suspension E-60, released in 1967, with its 60 elements in polyethylene assembled like fractals.
- The collection Radiolaria, released in 1968. fine example of decorative art. Savant braiding elements in polycarbonate for a flower of light
- The nun, released in 1972, his finest creation of the general opinion.

With this desk lamp with a remarkable fluidity, DesignHeure just won the prize of Discovery at the last Maison & Objet show.

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The walls have their say - PROJECTING LAMPS

From this collaboration was born the collection of projection clocks COOLHEURE. With this creation, DesignHeure gets the discovery price at Maison & Objet in 2007 and was also selected by Francois Bernard on the trendy forum "artsy craftsy" at Maison et Objet show. In the spirit of kinetic art, in homage to the painter and designer Vasarelli, Bernard Bouchet draws the graphics clock Alavasa creating an optical illusion showing a sphere.

In 2008, the trend is to personalize the decoration and projection. Designheure created in the wake of Bernard Bouchet, with the designer Hervé Langlais, the Miss Scope
Collection. Designed to beautify the space, the projection lamp is a customizable jewel lighting,  with a pop looking. The table lamp Miss Scope is selected on the forum trends Nelly Rodi agency, at the Maison & Objet in January 2008.